• Why is technical analysis useful and what causes the chart patterns?

    Over 75% of all trading on the new york stock exchange is traded using high-frequency trading machines. The machines send millions of orders to the market that they then sell instantly after to receive pennies on the dollar. This means that each HFT’s(high-frequency traders) has to play by an algorithm. Since pretty much all HFT’s have been programmed to trade off of the simple trading indicators such as the RSI, MAACD, Moving Averages, etc, they all reinforce the chart patterns of trend lines and support and resistant lines.

  • When do I know to invest?

    Since patterns repeat, it is inevitable that the market will retrace within the next couple of years. This means that pretty much all shorts against the market will become profitable within the next year or 2, saying this as of January 2019. Although I can not make any guarantees, research the facts and you will realize the inevitable is coming.

  • Is SQQQ the best option?

    SQQQ is a good option for someone that does not want to do there own research into any specific companies. Although SQQQ suffers from diminishing marginal decay since it is a 3x leverage, the management fees cut into your profits. SQQQ is a good option for short term options, this will provide major profits when the market takes another downturn.

  • Will I be able to trade comfortably after this course?

    This course will give a basic understanding of how the markets fundamentally work, how to execute a trade, and how to depict the market charts. The course will also educate you about options, stocks, and commodities, and their reactions during a recession. I will personally teach you the basics to lead you to success. If you come to with the same census, with a click of the button you could potentially receive 50x-100x in one trade.

  • How do I know you are right?

    I provided you facts that were in Quarter 4 of 2018. The markets now in January 2019, over 80% of equity markets in the world are officially in a bear market. Never in history have this many markets been in a bear market since the data set back to 1913 provided by Deutsche Bank. I provided the basic explanation of the economic condition the economy is currently in. I highly suggest to do outside research before going big in shorting the market. I almost promise you, you will come to the same conclusion. The more research you do, the more you will realize this is an opportunity of a lifetime.