Financial Freedom Course

Jessie Freelander
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About Course

How to Trade Currencies Online (Forex+Stocks+Crypto) with insight on how you can capitalize on the inevitable upcoming recession.

  • Get rich making the right trades during the volatile Trump era
  • Basics of trading to becoming the next millionaire in the inevitable recession

Meet Our Instructor

Jessie Freelander
Jessie Freelander


I am a young investment adviser/trader who began trading the markets 2 years ago. I recently got my series 65 to allow me take other people's money and prepare them for the big one. I’m a 20 year old college student who has spent his free time addicted to the markets. Currently I trade stock options, forex, commodities, and crypto. I have made the most amount of money in my life through this bear market. The thing is, we are still at the very beginning. My realistic expectation is to get 100x before the trough of this recession/depression. I want to stress, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. Think about knowing about bitcoin 4 years ago. This is the point we are at in the market, the thing is, we are on the other side of the bubble. Very few are betting against the market which is why we will see such high returns. When the World Burns, We Rise.

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